A Casual Sophisticated Look

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Hi loves! Let me say hello and thank you for clicking onto my new blog!

It’s a well known fact that my favorite color is pink. On the past I used to love black and white like minimalist colors but as the time goes by I went back to my girly side. In shops my eyes are always drawn to the pink and pastel hues, and although I do love and appreciate dark colors as well.

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I got the 3/4 pink ribbed turtleneck on shopatmera you can check them out in Instagram, the top goes well with the sweet valley skirt in light that I also purchased from them. Pastel colors look amazing in every causal look. I love it when I’m walking in the streets or in a mall amongst dreary crowds of people who look like they’ve stepped through a grey scale filter and I see a pop of bright white or pale blue. It’s so refreshing and they immediately stand out! And I always feel more special and princess when I’m wearing light colors.

Processed with VSCO with h1 preset

The overall look matches also my heels which I got from HueManila in Instagram named #huejennica, yes all of their shoes has a specified name on it. This look doesn’t cost that much I don’t really shop at the most high brand clothes well I have them mostly they are given to me.

Get this simple yet sophisticated look and feel princessy.

Lots of love and pinkness always,

Camila xoxo



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