Stay classy

Hi everyone and welcome back!

It’s been a while since I posted a new blog, I’ve been quite busy at work and I have no time for social life of or even time to do a shoot, I found a one of my favorite new pants to be added to my wardrobe this high wasted old rose soft pleated pants.

untitled 11

It looks sophisticated without being too overdressed I love how the belt goes around the waist for me to make it a ribbon whether on the side or at the front. Actually this really makes a good pair with any long-sleeved top I was actually planning to do so but here in the Philippines the weather is crazy its hot and wearing a long sleeve won’t pair the hot weather here, so I just picked up my holy grail white t-shirt and tucked it in around my waist and viola!


You can still look classy with just a white t-shirt on and just add some nice accessories to pair with, here I just recently bought this pair of yellow aviator sunglasses and I fell in love with this it’s like your everyday summer essential and with that cute white top and the yellow sunglasses you can never go wrong.


That’s it for now loves! I hope you enjoyed reading! Sorry for not posting that often, please let me know in the comments if you like anything and you think you must have!

Loves and kisses

Camila xoxo 



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